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How I Got started

"You have to let go of one side of the pool before you can reach the other side"

Being the daughter of an artist, I have been around and involved in art all my life. Like a lot of artists I got my traditional training in drawing and painting skills and struggled to master watercolors. Never that happy with what I was doing artistically, my art skills were pushed aside for other life pursuits. Choosing the more financially secure route, I obtained my degree in business from Florida State University and followed the corporate path in marketing and sales, first with Xerox and then later ending with Pfizer Pharmaceuticals. Along the way I was always playing around with my art. I never took it serious, but my innate sense for creative expression was always coming out. And its probably why as a corporate suit, I never felt like I was doing what I loved. But I made it work. I was bored with my art until, at the encouragement of my dad, I took a mixed media course and then I was hooked. I couldn't get enough of this "new" way of art. I loved the freedom, the play, and the feel of the new acrylic mediums.

But it took the sudden deaths of 6 loved ones, including my husband, and 3 direct hit hurricanes during a 24 month period of time, to get me to change the direction of my life and focus on my art full time. It was the death of my childhood best friend that helped me to find clarity in my purpose in life and to pursue NOW what was important . So I left the financial comforts of my corporate job and took a huge leap of faith to become a full time artist. And now I chase my dreams with clarity, gratitude, and great joy, in honor of my friend Patty.